What do you think about Yannick Agnel leaving Baltimore and NBAC to go back to France? (I'm french so watch what you're going to say)

First and foremost, Ilove France and the French culture and I really hope to visit France someday.  I have nothing against France or French people and I certainly have nothing against French swimmers. So, no worries, dear, no insluting will be done! :)

Secondly: Yannick. Oh my goodness, I love Yannick. What’s not to love about him? He’s adorable, he’s French and, of course, he’s one hell of a swimmer!

I’m not going to lie, I was totally surprised when the announcement was made that he’d be returning to France but the more I think about it, the less surprised I am. He has always seemed like the type to have his ducks in a straight line and understand what’s going on. I trust that he knows what’s best.

He’s still young and it has to be scary to live in a foreign country away from your family for so long. If there’s something that wasn’t working right or the puzzle pieces weren’t fitting correctly, he would pick up on that. Whether it be swimming or personal reasons, and do what it takes for him to be comfortable.

Do I wish he could have stayed at NBAC forever and continue to train? Yes. Do I understand his decision to return to France? Absolutely. Not only that but I have full faith in him and his abilities. He’s going to do amazingly well in the coming years, no matter where he trains.


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What ever happened to Chloe (SochiBanana)??? I can't find her page anymore. & I didn't get to finish her Nathan & Anna story. :(

I honestly have no idea! I just tried to find her and now I can’t.

Anyone know what happened? Chloe are you reading this?

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The first, the last, the only, the best, THE KING OF THE POOL

Unpublished photos from Under Armour photo shoot in China

My inspiration, idol, role model, perfect swimmer and man, I´ll judge everyone who doesn´t like him

I won’t predict anything historic. But nothing is impossible.
By Sohu


Well.  This is a nice surprise.  In case the UA China photoshoot wasn’t already amazing, these appear.

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Who is going to Pan Pacs? This guy! #phillips66nats #nathanadrian #smilesformiles

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From Swimming Worlds Instagram.

Ryan giving his silver medal to a fan

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Gretta Kruesi: Just a couple a bros… #teamdwyer 🏊🏆🌊 These boys all flew in for #teamUSA National Swim qualifiers #roadtorio Go @c_dwyer !! Stoked to take the crew for a surf n show some #calilove on the off time

Dwyer Brigade

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Chase Kalisz, North Baltimore Aquatic Club

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Michael Phelps’s cameo in Suits - S3 E11

I think it’s time for this GIF set to make a comeback, because I haven’t seen it on my dash in a while.

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Too cute!!!

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