I personally really like Nicole. Not only is she beautiful (duh), she seems really sweet and nice and smart. Again, I say seem because I obviously don't know any of them personally, so it'd be ridiculous to assume anything. It's just that out of all of Michael's gfs, I liked nicole the best and I actually hope they last. I know Schimtty is a big deal with Michael but they stated several times that they are just friends. Plus if Michael was interested he probably would have made a move already.

Hello anon!

Your opinion is valid! And personally, I’m glad that you said “seem” because we really don’t know anything about either of them personally. 

I am trying to keep my nose out of Michael’s relationships with anyone. My feeling is that if he is happy, and he seems to be, who am I to say anything?

And though we will probably get some negative thoughts for this: I am not a Schmelps shipper. I firmly believe that they are better as friends, and if either of them had feelings for the other, they would have acted on them already. 

Again, that’s my personal opinion. It won’t stop me from writing my own versions of them as a couple, as it is so fun and so easy to write. 


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TeamSpeedo on shoot! @cam_mcevoy @ryanlochte @christiansprenger @tylerclary #teamspeedo #photoshoot

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Speedo photoshoot in Australia (August 25, 2014)

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"Academically, there are tests you will do badly on, or you will have a bad day at practice, or socially you might have a bad day. But the sun rises the next day. You’ll have a better test, a better practice and get along with your friends. One of the big lessons of college is that you will have a bad day, but you have to work through it and get to tomorrow."

—Ryan Murphy (USA Swimming- 20 Question Tuesday: Ryan Murphy)
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Just a reminder from Ashlyn! :)

This does have to do with some of my personal opinions on posting about certain aspects. Read if you wish!

not my gif. 

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Here’s just a little something to recap some of what happened at Pan Pacs and the last couple of weeks! Let me know what you think! 

<3 Claire

There are many words that one could use to describe the 2014 Pan Pacific Championships: cold and wet are the ones that first come to mind. One that doesn’t? Dull.

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hey friends! I’m hoping to post my Pan Pacs recap tonight, but I’m a little distracted by a few things, not limited to watching the Emmy’s! hopefully you’ll have something good tonight! :)


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Michael Phelps, 100m Free prelims @ PanPacs2014

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Dream relay #GoUSA

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Just wanted to say that I’ve always said Nathan should anchor and now he says he would love to, so yeah, listen to us okay.

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