@GrangerTalley: #Cal bear @ryan_f_murphy talks with SW @jeffswim #ArenaGPMesa

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#ua @uabrandhouse the best!!!!

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Magic 8 Ball Knows All (x)

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Michael Phelps in swimwear photo-set 1

thequeenofeffineverything here is part 3/4 of the upcoming MP spam

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I remember in his interview with Anderson Cooper, he was like “oh you fell asleep in about 30 seconds” I think I need to watch it when I get home, because it’s adorable

send me the link when you do! <3

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The look on Michael’s face when he came back from receiving his first gold medal is something that I’ll never forget. It was the sign of someone that is absolutely, purely happy, and it was…amazing. —Bob Bowman 

I live michael and bib’s relationship so much.

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Hi! I'm compiling a Flipagram of the best swim coaches in the world! If you think your coach is one of the best, post a picture of or with your coach! Or you could just put their name and I'll include that too! When I finish I will find a way to get it to you but I will need some suggestions! If any other people think their coach is worthy, post a picture or their name with the hashtag #bestcoachflipagramThanks and share this with whoever!

Neither Taylor nor I have a coach, unfortunately. But this sounds like an absolutely splendid idea! Which is why I’m posting it because I’m sure we have some lovely followers who would like to take part in it. 


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Michael Phelps at Santa Clara Grand Prix

Photos By: Mike Lewis 

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Chase Kailsz—Santa Clara Grand Prix 

Photos by: Mike Lewis

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Here are some random pictures from the Santa Clara Grand Prix from

These amazing photos were taken by the amazing mikelewisphotography who has taken many more amazing photos this season! 

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Tom Shields at Santa Clara Grand Prix 2014

Photos By: Mike Lewis 

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L.A. Invite

Photos By: Anne Lepesant
Source: SwimSwam

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Olympic gold medal swimmer Matt McLean,


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Allison Schmitt posted this photo of NBAC supporting chasestrong

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Uncle Ryan!
From his twitter

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